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Cookie Policy – Parking Corner

Cookie Policy

The website of Parking Corner which is https://parkingcorner.co.uk uses cookies in order to serve its users better and understand their requirements in the best possible way. With the help of cookies, we try to understand the browsing habits of our users and assess how you make use of our website and what are the kinds of information that you require usually.

With this information, we try to improve the experience of our users. Hence, we try to be completely customer-centric and enhance our website customisation. In order to continue using the services of our website, you may accept our cookie policies. If you do not wish to accept our cookie policies, you may stop its use right away.

Here is a list of definitions as well as their interpretations that are important for you in this context!

  • Cookie - For the purpose of this policy, you can understand the meaning of a cookie as a small file that is placed on the page of our website. It reflects on your phone or computer when you browse through certain pages, features or services.
  • Cookie Law - According to cookie laws, we follow the general regulations for data protection for content and other things.
  • Personal Data - Personal data includes all kind of data that a visitor provides that can help in their identification both directly as well as indirectly.

Usage of Cookies by Our Website

  • First of all, you may partly access a cookie that is placed by us on our website when you browse our website with your device. These cookies are the first party cookies and are directly placed as well as used by us. There is no involvement of any third party here. It helps in improving our website based on the requirements as well as the experience of our users. When we use these cookies, we make sure that all your personal information and data are protected completely.
  • Other cookies are placed on the website by a third-party website. This could be any other service provider apart from us who are on our website. In that case, you need to refer to their cookie policy to understand how they work and use your personal data.
  • We are strict about following cookie laws and use the following types of cookies:
  • Necessary Cookies: These necessary cookies include essential details that are required to identify a person. These are strictly necessary cookies.
  • Functionality Cookies: The functionality cookies help in providing additional features that are derived from the preferences that you provide to us. This helps us in giving you a personalised and user-friendly experience.
  • Cookies from The Third Party: These cookies are placed on our website by other third-party service providers who work for us.
  • Targeting Cookies: Targeting cookies aim at making the website more relevant and offer a better experience for users. This helps us in understanding what the pages that you visit the most and the number of times you visit our website are.
  • Session Cookies: Session cookies are for one particular session or time. They are temporary in nature and remain on your screen until the time you are using the web browser from when you open the website.
  • Persistent Cookie: Persistent cookies lives up to their name and are persistent in the way they appear. They are present on our webpage for a particular period of time and then reappear whenever you open our webpage.
  • Analytics Cookie: Analytics cookies help us in analysing user behaviour and user experience on our website. It records the information related to the features of the website you use and the way you navigate through it. This helps immensely in making our website more user-friendly.

Consent & Control

  • After you give your consent to our cookie policy, you are free to access as well as use all the services that are offered by our website. Once you agree to our cookie policies, it means you are giving your full consent to us for applying cookies and input on your device. This helps us in giving you a personalised experience to you.
  • The right to disable or enable the cookies on your browser completely rests with you. Some browsers even give you the option to disable any kind of third-party cookies.

Updates in The Cookie Policy

  • The rights to make any changes or update our cookie policy rests with us. If you start using the website after we make these changes, it means you automatically accept all these changes. Therefore, we recommend that you keep reading and visiting our cookie policy page often.
  • In case of a conflict between the previously written policy and the current one, the current one would prevail.

Get in Touch to Know More

If you need any clarifications regarding our cookie policy, you may write us an email at info@parkingcorner.co.uk