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Terms Conditions – Parking Corner

Terms Conditions

The main motive of Parking Corner is to render the most hassle-free and the best services to all its customers. We aim to enhance and upgrade the experience of all our customers by working tirelessly to exceed their expectations. We want all our customers to rest assured in the knowledge that we are looking out for them and that they can easily book their airport parking space online with us.

Here are all the terms and conditions in detail of our website https://parkingcorner.co.uk Even though the terms are fairly detailed, they are as brief as possible to ensure better readability and understanding of the readers.

For Bookings and Brokers 

On our website, you can easily find parking costs from all the major parking brokers. We are reputed for working with the best and all the major airport parking providers in the UK. Before associating yourself with any of them, you must read as well as accept all the terms and conditions that have been proposed by them before making a booking. You can also read the terms and conditions specified by these brokers through their individual websites.

The Use of The Website by Customers

Parking Corner, as well as its partners, hold all the rights and the copyright of this webpage and no one else.

Your Rights Being a Customer

  • Surf and browse through a website. You can ever make or save transient or cached copies of distinct parts of the website in so far as they appear normal and do not breach either our privacy policy or our security.
  • You can also go ahead and print copies of the pages of our website. However, you may do this only if you respect the intellectual property, copyright, and trademark of our website and do not try to make any kind of changes to it. You may print all these copies for non-commercial or your personal purposes.

You Cannot:

  • Copy, distribute, modify, commercially use, publish, transmit, commercially exploit, display, transfer or sell the content on our website
  • Use the website’s content for revenue generation, advertising or any other kind of commercial motives on any other website
  • Use the website’s content for unlawful/illegal purposes
  • Try to create excessive traffic by hacking the website
  • Use software spiders, tools as well as robots to create a virus on our website
  • Engage in activities that burden or load the infrastructure of our website
  • Engage in activities that can afflict the reputation of our website or restrict other users’ use of our website

If any kind of damage of loss happens to our website or its reputation due to any activity carried out by you, you will be liable to compensate for all the losses in their entirety.


We have clearly compiled the terms and conditions of our website in their entirety to the best of our ability. However, we do not give any guarantees for the accuracy of any or all the information that is given by us on our website. We will not at all accept any kind of liabilities against any of the omissions or errors that you might encounter. You automatically and instantly accept all the terms and conditions given by the parking broker from whom you book the parking spot for your car. Therefore, you must go through the terms and conditions of the individual website of your parking broker as well.

Additionally, we do not guarantee that you will always have an error-free and smooth experience on our website. Our website can call for maintenance work from time to time, and that might cause some interruption in your work. You might also not be able to access our website during this time, but we assure you that the problem will be corrected as soon as possible.

Links of The External Websites

You might also find many external website links on our website. Please note that we are not liable or responsible for any of the products, services, and content demonstrated on these websites.

Email Newsletter

You can easily manage and select the emails that you wish to receive from us. That said, in case you make a booking with us, we will be connected through email correspondence. It is pertinent to note here that we do not share any of your personal details with third parties. You can get to know more about this point in our privacy policy page.

The Governing Law

All the term and conditions that you see listed here follow the English law completely. Therefore, these laws must be governed and interpreted as per the English law. When you agree to our terms and conditions, you naturally agree to the fact that we have the right to assign all our terms and conditions as well as rights any time we fancy. We are not obligated to inform you prior to the event or give you any kind of notice in advance. We can also make changes to these terms and conditions from time to time without informing you.

Secured Airport Parking Space Terms & Conditions

  • Directions: It is important that you know your way to the car parking spot.
  • Airport Transfers To & From Your Place: The cost of airport transfers to and from includes the price that has been proposed to you. That said, if the airport is close to your place of residence or within walking distance or if the transfer time is merely 10-35 minutes, you will have to pre-schedule your car park transfer.
  • Car Keys: The car keys need to be left with the car park authority so that they can operate efficiently. You do not have to worry about the safety and security of your car as it is in safe hands.
  • Minimum Number of Days for The Car Park: We have a minimum duration for which you can park your car with our service. However, you can always increase this duration according to your requirement. Please note that you will be required to pay some additional charges for the extra stay.